Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traqxxx Brought Home The Money!

Oceanz 13 member Beanie Traqxxx competed and sucessfully won the 100,000 dollars in artist development in a big hip hop contest last night...... Another example that Goes to show..... NOTHING IS STOPPING THESE OCEANZ!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day Hilarity

I keep saying im gonna do this to my girl..... I think its time I put this plan in action

Oceanz 13 ......... We planking now too?

Rob!....... U have sum explaining to do!. Hahaha.... His balls r being fondeled by a fire hydrant... N it looks like hes enjoyin it
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Choze - Prison Song (Produced by @Flawlesstracks)

Just wen you thought we were letting up on you guys... Oceanz13 Artist Chozen aka Young Raspy turns it up another notch!.... Lets go!...... #StatenWeGoHard!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Oceanz13 along side with CliftonHYE and Swizzy Swinton will be shooting the "Swiggy" video 2day!... june 26th!..... hit 1 of us up for details!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oceanz13 supports P.E.M.G's "Let Dani Walk" protest!

This is how we all should be moving!... Lets go!.

More Info
Click here for directions to the Meet point for the Rally!!!

This is a protest against Student Bullying from the School Administration.

The administration of Curtis High School has wrongly refused to let a student (Danielle Coates) walk during graduation due to false accusations. She has been accused of forgery and helping another student who wasn't permitted to attend prom. Despite the fact that the student at fault has come forward and admitted to forgery and sneaking his way into prom, Mrs. Curtis (the Principal) has refused to let Danielle who is a 90 average student, who has won multiple Senior awards, who has never had any disciplinary problems within her four years of being in Curtis walk during the ceremony.

We are asking our graduating and attending students to stand with us as we protest not only this, but the ongoing pattern of bullying and power abuse by the administration of Curtis High School toward it's students.


1. We're asking our graduating seniors to stand and turn their back to Mrs. Curtis when she speaks.

2. We're asking the senior chorus members to NOT sing the Curtis Anthem.

3. And for our friends and peers that have been mistreated by the staff and administration at Curtis High School, we ask you to come, stand and protest with us outside of the graduation ceremony!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Flu Season Leak!..... Karma!!!!

Flu hits us with yet ANOTHER banger off the Flu Season, comming July 4th. He goes deep on this 1 called "Karma"

Flukey - Karma by Oceanz 13

Broday pink n white party!...... Oceanz13 was in the buildin!

The Pink n White party was wiiiiiiiiiild!...... U kno Oceanz13 had to come throw n show love to the Broday family!.... Cant wait till the next 1! For more pics check out "OCEANZ THURTEEN" on facebook!
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Oceanz13 wants to publicly welcome home our Uncle/Mentor RUMBLE!..... They took him away for 2 years for beatin a child molestors ass. But hes back now...... Soooooo.... We'll b updatin u guys soon on where n wen the party is goin down!.... RUMBLE IS BACK!..... RUMBLE IS BACK! (rick ross voice)
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Oceanz13 invites YOU to Kelechi's BBQ BLOWOUT!

Oceanz Thirteen's Aberrant Presents: Kelechi's Graduation OutParty At: Marines Harbor june 27 Time: 3:00pm-1:00am This cook out isn't only to acknowledge the graduation of Kelechi aka Aberrant, but to represent his modivation of his people and the young especially, to show that there's always greatness and success and to always take advantage. But to the fun part that there will be free food for the kids and plates sold by his moms, a dj, cotton candy machine for the children and lots of positivity, the Oceanz Thirteen will be there so will be models, dancers and artist in the area. Danger Room will be out chea Rockstar will be djing professional pictures will be taken and footage will be broadcasted. Its gona be big so theres no reason why you shouldnt be there... Contact#3472081362 @Aberrant_2hype on Monday
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Oceanz Models..... BIG BOTTLES!

Rite now the choices r simple.... Ride the wave.. Or drown!... Check out our models.

Hump Day Hilarity

I'll be glad wen my next kid is born so I can laugh in their expense.... Lmfaoooooo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oceanz13 Artist- Beanie Traqxxx perfroming live at club pyramid TONIGHT!

In usual late fashion... The brother Beanie Traqxx informs us hes performing at the top 20 showcase tonight at club pyramid.... For those of u who dont kno, tonights showcases the talent of whats considered the top 20 unsigned artists in the city rite now!... Woooo!.. Show starts at 9!.. B there... TRAQXXX!
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Free Photo Shoot !!!!! June 26th

Open Photo Shoot (FREE) This Sunday In BK ... This Is Ah Really Good Networking Opportunity And Good Way To Start Up Ah Portfolio For All Up Coming Models N Photographers Hit Up Beezy Black For More Info Beezy Black

The Crackhead boogie !!!Oceanz!!!!


Sumbody please tell T-time to get a new phone!

All the money this dude makes...... He refuses to get a phone..... U can check out his tweets from his bum ass phone on the right side of the page ... Titled "hennys corner"

It Breez like dat sumtimes

I guess im like the life advice advisor for my brothers.... Cuz it seems like they all come to me wen they're at the crossroads of making important life decisions. N that sucks for them cuz im nowhere near perfect. But hey... I love em... So Flu trys his best to answer the best way he can.... Im tryna put yall on to this delima without outing any names so here it goes

1 of my brothers has been havin female problems. I might lose yall here.. So bare wit me. Im gonna call my boy "Lebron James"..... N the first girl..... Lets call her "Cleveland". Lol.... Seriously tho.... So Lebron loves cleveland. They've been thru it all... Hes gotten close to winnin a ring in cleveland n everything.... But lebron feels like he doesnt get that extra support in cleveland. Hes the only 1 scoring.. Hes basicly been carrying the team on his back ever since he got there.. N hes seriously lookin for a change....... Then u got "Miami".

See..... Miami is a great look for Lebron... N he could b a major contribution to the team thats already winning...... n hes come to terms that Cleveland just aint the city for him anymore.... hes mentally n physicly not in the game anymore... So wut do u do? Wut about all the people who look up to u in cleveland... All the hearts ur gonna break. u gotta think about all the public scrutiny ur gonna get once it gets out that ur "taking ur talents to south beach" .... Hows ur team gonna feel about that?. Thats a tuff pill to swallow....... I guess it breez like that sumtimes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Music "SWIGGY!"

Staten Island comes together for sumthing positive for a change..... This conglomerate is like the Voltron of Swag!.

SoundCloud Mobile
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We are FUCKING Angry!!!

Check Out OUR latest video from Flukey off of Flu Season, droppin July 4th!!!!!!!!!! lets go!.. OCEANNNNZ dont forget to follow Us on Twitter.. @ItsFlukeyBaby @oceanzThurteen @simplySoulful @beezyBlack @itsMyWorldTtime @Donedeallynx

Is This Thing On?