Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It Breez like dat sumtimes

I guess im like the life advice advisor for my brothers.... Cuz it seems like they all come to me wen they're at the crossroads of making important life decisions. N that sucks for them cuz im nowhere near perfect. But hey... I love em... So Flu trys his best to answer the best way he can.... Im tryna put yall on to this delima without outing any names so here it goes

1 of my brothers has been havin female problems. I might lose yall here.. So bare wit me. Im gonna call my boy "Lebron James"..... N the first girl..... Lets call her "Cleveland". Lol.... Seriously tho.... So Lebron loves cleveland. They've been thru it all... Hes gotten close to winnin a ring in cleveland n everything.... But lebron feels like he doesnt get that extra support in cleveland. Hes the only 1 scoring.. Hes basicly been carrying the team on his back ever since he got there.. N hes seriously lookin for a change....... Then u got "Miami".

See..... Miami is a great look for Lebron... N he could b a major contribution to the team thats already winning...... n hes come to terms that Cleveland just aint the city for him anymore.... hes mentally n physicly not in the game anymore... So wut do u do? Wut about all the people who look up to u in cleveland... All the hearts ur gonna break. u gotta think about all the public scrutiny ur gonna get once it gets out that ur "taking ur talents to south beach" .... Hows ur team gonna feel about that?. Thats a tuff pill to swallow....... I guess it breez like that sumtimes.

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