Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oceanz13 invites YOU to Kelechi's BBQ BLOWOUT!

Oceanz Thirteen's Aberrant Presents: Kelechi's Graduation OutParty At: Marines Harbor june 27 Time: 3:00pm-1:00am This cook out isn't only to acknowledge the graduation of Kelechi aka Aberrant, but to represent his modivation of his people and the young especially, to show that there's always greatness and success and to always take advantage. But to the fun part that there will be free food for the kids and plates sold by his moms, a dj, cotton candy machine for the children and lots of positivity, the Oceanz Thirteen will be there so will be models, dancers and artist in the area. Danger Room will be out chea Rockstar will be djing professional pictures will be taken and footage will be broadcasted. Its gona be big so theres no reason why you shouldnt be there... Contact#3472081362 @Aberrant_2hype on Monday
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